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How Do I Use Voicemail?

General Information about the Truphone Voicemail service.

How Do I Access My Voicemail?
To access your voicemail, please dial the designated short code below in reference to your billing/home country.

Country Short code
Australia 505
Germany 505
Hong Kong 505
Netherlands 1233
Poland 505
Spain 22505
United Kingdom 505
United States 505

You will need to activate this service if you have recently joined our network and have yet to use the Truphone voicemail service.How Do I Setup My Truphone Voicemail?

More information on How Do I Set Up My Voicemail?Is There A Limit On How Many Voicemail Message I Can Store?

Yes. All of our customers are able to have 99 voicemail messages saved at one time. We will notify you via SMS when your mailbox reaches 75 messages and again at 99 messages.

Once you reach 99 messages, people calling you will receive an automated message that the mailbox is full and they will be unable to leave a voicemail until you delete some of your saved messages.

What Time Zone are my Voicemail Messages Given In?

Your voicemail messages are given in the time zone according to your local country time.  An exception will be for Australia which will be in AST (GMT+10) and USA which will appear in EST (GMT-5).

Does Truphone support Apple Visual Voicemail?

Yes. We do support the use of Apple Visual Voicemail. From the 1st of October 2016, this feature is activated by default for all Truphone customers with an iPhone running on iOS 8.1 or higher.

How Do I Set Up Apple Visual Voicemail.

How Am I notified If I Have A New Voicemail Message?

You can choose whether you would like to receive notifications via SMS (default) and/or by Email.

Each time a new VM is received, an SMS will be sent to the subscribers primary number. SMS notifications are set by default once VM is activated. The message will take one of two formats as follows:

• 1 unread message:  You have 1 new message. It was received at [time] ([default timezone]), on [day/date].
• More than 1 unread message: You have [x] new messages. The last one received at [time] ([default timezone]), on [day/date]

This feature is referred to as the Voicemail to Email feature. Business accounts may call our Customer Service team to enable the Voicemail to Email feature. For Consumer accounts, they can set this up through their online portal.

  1. Go to My SIMs 
  2. Click on Change Settings to configure your Voicemail and add your preferred email address.

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