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Calling & Voicemail

Why Can't I Make A Call Whilst Overseas?

What to do if you're on a Business plan but unable to make a call whilst overseas.

What Is Smart CLI?

Smart CLI definition & how to switch ON or OFF.

Truphone Voice Services

Index of Truphone's voice service features & their links.

How Do I Use Voicemail?

General Information about the Truphone Voicemail service.

Blocked Numbers

Details about blocked numbers & your Truphone SIM.

Internet & Data

What is 4G?

Definition of 4G data speed.

I Have No Data Or Internet Connection

Troubleshooting steps for Data Connection issues.

I Have No 4G Data

Troubleshooting guide for when you cannot get a 4G/LTE speed on your handset.

I Have No 3G Data

Troubleshooting guide for issues connecting to 3G.

How To Configure Your APN Settings (Android)

Steps on how to configure the APN setting on Android handsets.

How Do I Set Up 4G/LTE Setting On My Handset?

Steps to set up the 4G/LTE feature in smartphones.

How Do I Estimate My Data Usage?

Estimates of possible data usage per internet activity.

Data Explained

Everything you need to know about data with your Truphone SIM.

Text SMS

Truphone SMS Service

Description of the Short Messaging Service (SMS).

Just Landed SMS

Frequently Asked Questions in regard to the Just Landed SMS feature.

How to Turn iMessage/FaceTime On/Off (Apple iOS)

Steps on how to switch on/off Apple iPhone's features, iMessgae & FaceTime.

Network & Coverage

Where Is 4G Available?

A list of 4G destinations covered by Truphone.

What Is Truphone World?

List of countries covered in the Truphone World.

The Truphone Network

Where we operate, our coverage and the Truphone world.

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